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Is Vermicompost Fertilizer the Right Choice for Your Garden?

Let us begin with the definition of Vermicompost fertilizer. A Vermicompost fertilizer is essentially an organic fertilizer made by vermicomposting biodegradable wastes especially from farms, fields and kitchen using earthworms. The most important and special part of this Vermicompost fertilizers is worm castings.

What is Vermicompost fertilizer made up of?

Worm faeces is referred to as worm castings or vermicompost. The live biological organisms that make up the castings include good bacteria, pseudomonads, plant growth regulators, yeasts, actinomycetes, molds, and nitrogen, fungus, phosphorus, trace elements and potassium (N-P-K). These elements present in the Vermicompost fertilizers makes it nutritionally rich.

The reason Vermicompost fertilizer should be preferred:

In addition to micronutrients, advantageous soil bacteria, and hormones involved in plant growth & enzymes, vermicompost is a rich source of NKP (nitrogen 2-3%, potassium 1.85-2.25%, and phosphorus 1.55-2.25%). Scientific research supports its use as a “miracle growth promoter & protector of plants” against various pests and illnesses.

Advantages of using Vermicompost fertilizer for plants:

  • Environment friendly- Vermicomposting, or using worms to break down organic matter, is an eco-friendly and sustainable way of composting.
  • Efficient waste management – Vermicomposting recycles organic waste so that it can be used in farming and gardening, which reduces the quantity of garbage that otherwise would wind up in landfills.
  • Easily stored – Vermicomposting containers are tiny and simple to store in a basement or backyard, making it a viable choice for individuals with limited space.
  • Nutritionally rich -Compost that is rich in nutrients is produced during the worms’ digestive process. This compost is ideal for improving soil and fostering plant growth.
  • Education potential – Teaching kids about sustainability and the natural decomposition process through the activity of vermicomposting may be both entertaining and educational.

How Vermicompost fertilizers can be made?

  • Compost is produced inside either a concrete or plastic container. When choosing the size of the tank, the availability of raw materials is crucial. 
  • It takes roughly 9 to 11 days to dry the biomass after it has been harvested.
  • After that, it is cut using a cutter or knife into the required size.
  • Prepared and put over the pile, the cow dung slurry will quickly decompose. 
  • The bottom of the container is filled with a layer (2–3 inches) of soil or sand. 
  • Then, on top of a layer of sand, a fine bed made of partially decomposed cow dung, dried leaves, and other biodegradable wastes gathered from the field and kitchen is put out. 
  • To a depth of 0.5 to 1.0 feet, chopped biowaste and partially digested cow manure are regularly poured to the tank in layers. 
  • Following the addition of all the bio-waste, the earthworm is released into the mixture and the compost is covered with dry straw or bags.
  • In order to keep the compost moist, water is applied often. 
  • The container is covered with a straw roof to keep insects like ants, lizards, mice, and snakes out and to shield the compost from rains.
  • To ensure that the compost is kept at the right temperature and humidity levels and is not overheated, regular inspections must be performed.

Why you should choose Vermicompost fertilizers over chemical fertilizers?

There are various ways in which organic Vermicompost fertilizer is better than chemical fertilizer some are:

  • The chemical fertilizers cause pollution and leaching of soil but organic Vermicompost fertilizer doesn’t do so.
  • The amount of nutrients in Vermicompost fertilizer is more than chemical fertilizer.
  • Vermicompost fertilizers can be made at home but chemical fertilizers and not that easy to make.
  • The Vermicompost fertilizer is eco-friendly but chemical fertilizers can cause pollution of water bodies nearby.
  • The chemical fertilizers need to applied frequently but Vermicompost fertilizers are not required to do that.


Q1. Are Vermicompost fertilizer always in only in power form?

Ans. No, vermi liquid fertilizer is available along side powder.

Q2. In what ways Vermicompost fertilizer is useful?

Ans. Vermicompost fertilizer uses:

  • Increases soil fertility
  • Enhances germination
  • Fastens plant growth
  • Provide protection against insects

Q3. Can you suggest a Vermicompost fertilizer?

Ans. The OEHB Premium quality Vermicompost fertilizer 10kg is a convenient product to buy.

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