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Godrej Gracia Insecticide Uses, Price, Technical Name, Dose & Complete Information

Farmers confront a variety of difficulties when it comes to agriculture, with the threat of pests and insects that can destroy their crops ranking as one of the most important. Modern agriculture places a high premium on ensuring a plentiful yield while reducing the usage of toxic pesticides. In this situation, Godrej Gracia Insecticide fills the role of a dependable partner for farmers—a true “khet ki dawai” (field medicine) that effectively and responsibly protects crops.

In this article you’ll be informed about the following:

  • Insecticide definition
  • What is Godrej Gracia insecticide?
  • Technical content of Gracia insecticide
  • Reasons for which you should choose Godrej Gracia insecticide
  • Godrej Agrovet Legacy
  • Dose of  insecticide
  • Godrej Gracia insecticide uses
  • Types of insecticide 
  • Godrej insecticide mode of action 
  • Conclusion 


What is insecticide?

Pesticides that kill insects are known as insecticides.They consist of ovicides and larvicides, which are used to kill insect eggs and larvae, respectively. Agriculture, medicine, industry, and consumers all utilize insecticides. It is asserted that insecticides were a significant contributor to the rise in agricultural output during the 20th century. Almost all pesticides have the potential to drastically affect ecosystems; many are hazardous to people and/or other animals; and some concentrate as they move up the food chain.

Gracia Insecticide Khet ki dawai

What is Godrej Gracia insecticide?

Broad-spectrum isoxazoline insecticide Gracia was developed in partnership with Nissan Chemical Corporation. Proactively applying Gracia as soon as a pest incident occurs promotes longer-lasting control. Its distinctive mechanism of action efficiently combats bugs that chew and sucking. The IRAC’s classification of modes of action places its chemistry in Group 30. safer for mammals and helpful bugs.


Technical content of Gracia insecticide: 

Gracia Insecticide Technical Name :FLUXAMETAMIDE 10% W/W EC

Why should you choose Godrej Gracia insecticide?

Proactive: Spray as soon as a pest infestation begins for abundant crops.

Power: Successful thrips and borer control. Complete defense is provided by its translaminar activity, which makes sure that the sucking bugs under the leaf are likewise eliminated.

Protection: It respects the environment. Additionally, it is safer for helpful mammals and insects.


Regarding Godrej Agrovet, which manufactures Gracia insecticide.

The goal of the food and agro company Godrej Agrovet is to boost Indian farmers’ productivity by developing goods and services that sustainably raise crop and livestock yields.


The dosages of  insecticide required according to the plants it is being applied to and the the disease or pest it is targeting is explained in the following table.

Crops Target Pest/Disease Dose per Acre (gm/ml)
Brinjal Leaf hopper, Thrips, Fruit and shoot borer 160
Cabbage Diamond back moth, tobacco caterpillar, semilooper 160
Chilli Thirps, Fruit Borer, Tobacco caterpillar 160
Okra Leaf hopper, Thrips, Fruit borer 160
Redgram Spotted pod borer, pod borer 160
Tomato Thirps, Fruit borer 160


Godrej Gracia Insecticide Uses:

The technique of using it is simple:

Dilute: As directed on the packaging, combine the recommended amount of  Insecticide with water.

Spray: Using a sprayer, apply the solution to the crops completely and uniformly.

Reapply: Depending on how bad the infestation is, reapply the solution as often as necessary, adhering to the advised application intervals.


Based on their type of action the insecticides are classified into two types:

  • Systemic pesticides

Systemic pesticides are disseminated and integrated throughout the entire plant. The insecticide is consumed by insects while they feed on the plant. Plant-incorporated protectants (PIPs) are systemic insecticides made by transgenic plants. One such example is the introduction of corn (maize) and other species with a gene that codes for a particular Bacillus thuringiensis biocidal protein. The protein is produced by the plant and when swallowed by the insect, it kills it.

  • Contact insecticides

Insects that come into contact with contact pesticides become poisonous. Insecticides that are not organic can be made of metals, such as the frequently used sulfur and the less frequently used arsenates, copper, and fluorine compounds. Organic insecticides, or synthetically generated organic chemical compounds, which make up the majority of pesticides used today, can also be utilized as contact insecticides. They might also be organic substances like pyrethrum, neem oil, etc. In most cases, contact pesticides have no lasting effects.

  • Translaminar insecticide 

Insecticides known as “translaminar” penetrate the leaf tissues and create a reservoir of the active component inside the leaf. This offers residual protection from a variety of pests that feed on plants, including the two-spotted spider mite.

Mode of action of Godrej Gracia insecticide

It is an antagonist for gamma aminobutyric acid (GABA) gated chloride channels. It is a translaminar pesticide that works by contact and ingestion.

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Godrej Gracia Insecticide offers farmers responsible and efficient crop protection, serving as a ray of hope. It upholds the concepts of sustainable farming while protecting crops from pests, embodying the essence of “khet ki dawai.” Farmers in India may anticipate better, more plentiful crops and a better tomorrow for Indian agriculture with Insecticide in their toolbox.



  1. Is Godrej Gracia insecticide available online?

Ans. Yes. You can purchase Godrej Gracia insecticide from our website

  1. What is the price of Godrej Gracia insecticide?

Ans. For more information on Godrej  insecticide please visit our website

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