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FMC Ferterra Insecticide Uses, Price, Technical Name, Dose & Complete Information

A paddy farmer today doesn’t need an introduction to the revolutionary insecticide Ferterra by FMC. The Rynaxypyr active-powered Ferterra pesticide is a granular insecticide that offers unrivaled crop protection for rice and sugarcane crops. Ferterra insecticide, a convenient granular formulation, has shown improved borer control, increasing crop output. Ferterra pesticide has provided revolutionary benefits to millions of farmers, and the journey has only begun.

ferterra insecticide

  • FMC legacy
  • Ferterra category 
  • Ferterra technical name
  • Ferterra mode of action 
  • Ferterra uses
  • Ferterra benefits
  • Ferterra target plants
  • Ferterra dose


Legacy of FMC

FMC is a renowned agricultural sciences company that focuses solely on crop protection, chemistry, and its delivery. For more than 135 years, it has helped growers preserve their crops and yields. The first piston-pump pesticide sprayer was created by John Bean, who established FMC in 1883 as the Bean Spray Pump Company. The Anderson-Barngrover Co. and the Sprague-Sells Co. were acquired by Bean Spray Pump in 1928, and the business was renamed Food Machinery Corporation. FMC was created.


FMC is one of the top crop protection businesses in India and the market leader for insecticides. We provide a wide range of crop protection, crop nutrition, and expert pest management solutions. With the best minds and tools, we collaborate with our clients to produce solutions that satisfy their requirements as well as those of society and the environment.


After more than a century, FMC is still providing distinctively creative solutions and application systems that are based on science, safety, and sustainability to the world’s agricultural markets.

khet ki dawai

Ferterra insecticide belong to which category of insecticide?

Ferterra is a type of Synthetic insecticide belonging to the category of Ryanoids/diamides consisting of  chlorantraniliprole. 

Technical content: Chlorantraniliprole 0.4% W/W GR

Ferterra insecticide mode of action

Chlorantraniliprole opens muscular calcium channels, in particular the ryanodine receptor, rapidly causing paralysis and ultimately death of sensitive species. The differential selectivity chlorantraniliprole has towards insect ryanodine receptors explains the outstanding profile of low mammalian toxicity.[citation needed] Chlorantraniliprole is active on chewing pest insects primarily by ingestion and secondarily by contact.

How does Ferterra insecticide act?

With its distinctive method of action, it manages pests that are immune to other insecticides. It protects natural parasitoids, predators, and pollinators while being selective and safe for non-target arthropods. These characteristics make it a fantastic tool for Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and give producers more flexibility in field work. Its goal is to provide consumers, exporters, and food retailers with high-quality product that fits their needs.


Why Farmers opt for Ferterra insecticide?

Ferterra uses can be described as follows:

  • The insecticide Ferterra has a high insecticidal potency and offers long-lasting control.
  • Granular composition makes application easier for growers.
  • Rice’s superior ability to suppress the stem borer ensures improved crop health and high yield potential.
  • Sugarcane growers are prevented from suffering losses owing to low crop production by excellent control of Early shoot borer and Top borer, which maximizes output.
  • Green label merchandise.

What are the advantages of using Ferterra insecticide?

A locally developed, science-driven product, DuPont Ferterra chlorantraniliprole pesticide is created expressly to address the demands of Indian farmers and provide the following stated benefits:

  • It is a granular formulation for rice pest control in India that is easy to use and sustainable.
  • DuPont Ferterra enhances crop output potential and stops the growth of the pest population when administered early in the insect life cycle.
  • The main component of Ferterra pesticide, Rynaxypyr, has a special mechanism of action that allows it to kill pests that are resistant to other insecticides while sparing natural parasitoids, predators, and pollinators.
  • Rice producers can increase yields and productivity by using DuPont Ferterra, which is a great pest management method for the crop.
  • Due to its low use rates and toxicological profile, DuPont Ferterra provides remarkably low toxicity to animals and elevates the bar for insect control products.


Ferterra insecticide target plants:

Active component in Ferterra Insecticide Anthranilic diamide pesticide Rynaxypyr Active, available in granular form, is effective against rice and sugarcane borer damage.


Ferterra insecticide doses

Crop Insect/Pest Dose per acre (kg) Method of application Waiting Period from last application (days)
Rice Yellow stem borer, Leaf folder 4 Broadcast 53
Sugarcane Early shoot borer 7.5 Broadcast 147



. Is Ferterra insecticide a chemical insecticide?

Ans. Yes. It belongs to the chemical pesticide category.

2. What is the price of Ferterra insecticide?

Ans. For more information on Ferterra insecticide please visit our website

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