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Excel Mera 71 Herbicide Uses, Price, Technical Name, Dose & Complete Information

An herbicide called Excel Mera 71 is systemic, non-selective, and broad-spectrum. Excel Mera 71 completely and quickly eliminates difficult-to-kill annual and perennial weeds.


Table of contents

  • Legacy of Excel
  • Why herbicides are important in agriculture?
  • Technical content of Excel Mera 71 
  • Excel Mera 71 uses
  • Mode of action of Excel Mera 71
  • How should you apply Excel Mera 71?
  • Crops and Weeds Excel Mera 71 works on.


Excel legacy


In 2003, Excel Crop Care Limited (Excel) was established as a result of the demerger of Excel Industries Limited’s portfolio of agricultural inputs, which included three manufacturing facilities in Bhavnagar, Gajod, and Silvassa. Since 1941, Excel Industries Limited has been a leader in the development of industrial and performance chemicals as well as agricultural inputs.

Our operations go much beyond simple commerce. Service has always come before profit at Excel Crop Care, and the company has donated its fortune to local charities. The Excel Crop Care is adamant that it is possible to be morally upright, socially conscious, and financially successful at the same time. This guiding principle, which is the foundation of Excel Crop Care, was developed in the early 1970s, long before corporate social responsibility (CSR) was acknowledged as a model for moral, sustainable, and accountable company. Because of its lengthy history of charitable endeavors, The Excel Crop Care is well regarded as a trustworthy corporation. The company’s main goal is to promote social fairness and economic growth for individuals at the bottom of the pyramid.


Why are herbicides important in agriculture?


Herbicides are largely utilized in agriculture, but they are also used in other sectors of the economy when weeds need to be removed. Herbicides are helpful in agriculture because they give crop growers flexibility by controlling weeds at practically any stage of growth. Different weed types affect different crops, thus different herbicides will need to be employed. To make sure there are no remnants of herbicides before the seeds are planted, several herbicides can be sprayed. A selective herbicide may be used in situations where crops are growing alongside weeds to manage the weeds without harming the crops. 


Technical content: 

Ammonium salt of Glyphosate 71% SG


Excel Mera 71 uses:


  • Higher and quicker absorption.
  • A quicker death than IPA salt.
  • Greater a.i. loading per liter.
  • Improved management of broadleaf and difficult-to-kill weeds.
  • Improved rain resistance.
  • Cost-efficient weed control.
  • Easy to use, recommend, and handle.


Mode of action of Excel Mera 71


When applied to foliage, Excel Mera 71 is quickly transported to roots and storage organs throughout the plant after being absorbed through green plant parts.Glyphosate interferes with the shikimic acid pathway in plants by inhibiting the 5-enolpyruvylshikimate-3-phosphate (EPSP) synthase enzyme. Reduced production of aromatic amino acids, which are essential for protein synthesis and plant growth, results from the deficit in EPSP production.Plants absorb glyphosate through their leaves and stems, and it is then distributed throughout the entire plant.It focuses in the tissue of the meristem.

When exposed to glyphosate, plants exhibit stunted development, a loss of their green hue, malformed or wrinkled leaves, and tissue death. The time it takes for a plant to die might range from 4 to 20 days. Glyphosate’s sodium salt can control plant development and hasten the ripening of some crops. 


How should you apply Excel Mera 71?


  1.  Pay close attention to the herbicide label’s instructions and follow them. 
  2. When spraying any herbicide, only use a flat fan or cut nozzle. 
  3. Before and after using the sprayer, wash it with clean water. 
  4. Administer the recommended dose. Both high and low doses might result in crop damage and subpar performance. 
  5. Mix a small amount of the herbicide (1-2 liters) or water first, and then add the necessary amount of water (120-200 L/acre). 
  6. When spraying herbicides, use no less than 120 L of water per acre. 
  7. Avoid applying herbicide on windy or rainy days. In the case of a post-emergence application.
  8. Evaluate the crop and weed stages. 
  9. Keep the herbicide out of the way of food and in labeled containers.

Crops and Weeds Excel Mera 71 works on.


Crop: Tea & Non Crop area


Weeds: Acalyphaindica, Digitariasanguinalis

Ageratum conyzoides, Cynondondactylon

Cychoriumintybus,Paspalumconjugatum,  Digeraarvensis,Cyperusrotundus,Eragrostis spp.

Ipomeadigitata, Sidaacuta.




Q 1 What is the price of Excel Mera 71?

Ans. For more information on Excel Mera 71 herbicide please visit our website


Q 2 What is the dose of Excel Mera 71 insecticide?

Ans. Use Mera 71 at a rate of 1 kilogram per acre in 150-160 liters of water, or 6-7 mg per liter of water.


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